What is the difference between domain, hosting and web site

What is the difference between domain, hosting and web site

www-concept-1-1425525-mWhen you want to get a web site built, web companies confuse you with the terms domain, hosting and web site. Let us see what actually is domain, hosting and web site.

Consider you want to have a house constructed.  What you need is a piece of land, that piece of land will have an address and then you will construct a house on that land.

Having a web site built is similar. The domain name is the address or your house. The land is hosting of your web site and the house’s construction is the design and content of your web site that you will host on a web server.

Hosting can also be said as placing your web site content on a web server computer machine, connected to high-speed internet, round the clock.

Domain is issued by one authority, web hosting is provided by another company and web design is done by a third entity.

Going to three different places for three different things can be quite inconvenient, so some companies can provide you all these three services under one roof. If they themselves are not providing a particular service, they get it done for you.

For instance, Godaddy.com is a domain registrar, Hostgator.com is a hosting company and Sulata.com is a professional web designing and development company.

Godaddy.com registers the domain for you and also provides hosting as a value added services.

Hostgator.com hosts your web site but at the same time can get you domain name through a domain registrar.

Sulata.com is a professional web design and development company but can get a domain registered for you and arrange hosting.

It is ideal to get domain and hosting done by yourself to save cost but no harm in getting it done under one roof. Just remember, your domain name is your property so it should be registered in your name with your correct contact information.

Same is the case with hosting. You should know where your site is hosted and you should have access to the code of your web site.

Just in case your web design company closes its business, you will always have access to your domain and hosting.

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