What is an Exit Interview

What is an Exit Interview

Generally exit interviews are deemed to be associated with business corporations and other business entities, conducted by an employer just before an employee is about to leave the organization. However, other organizations such as societies, clubs and schools are also known to engage the leaving members / students in an exit interview.

An exit interview is aimed at finding the underlying reasons of an individual behind his / her decision of leaving an organization. The organizational motive behind conducting such interviews is basically to analyze the data collected through exit interviews. The analysis gives the top management an insight into putting a check on the employee turnover ratio and also if any changes need to be made in the company policies for effective employee retention.

Exit interviews usually comprise of a questionnaire designed to extract the following information and is generally conducted a week or two before an employee’s departure.

  • Reasons for leaving
  • Joining with company or competitor
  • Comments on their experience during their tenure of service
  • Highlight organizational areas which need improvement
  • Suggestions for improvement

Given the sensitive nature of comments and disclosures revealed in exit interviews it is suggested that every precaution be taken for non disclosure of this information.

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