Twitter as a field-force monitoring system

Twitter as a field-force monitoring system

There has long been a need for a real-time field-force monitoring system where people working in field can report their activities on the spot and management can view it, making sure that what has been reported has indeed been performed at the same location.
Let me explain you this way. Most of the companies have sales force hunting for prospective clients. By the day end, the sales staff needs to submit a report of their activities. If the activity report says that the person visited 35 prospects on a certain day who knows whether these prospects were actually visited. Even if we believe this, how can the management find out how much time was wasted in unofficial activities between one meeting and the other.

2011-03-16-twitterWith the use of smart phones, installed with a Twitter app, this can very easily be done because every tweet has time and most interestingly these apps can post tweet’s location.

So now, things will work like this. The manager has a Twitter account and his sales force as well.

John Doe, a sales representative visits Amalgamated Chemicals and meets their procurement department. All he needs to do is just tweet the meeting summary immediately after the meeting. This will record tweet’s physical location, as well as the time and the manager can see the activity in real time along with the location on the map where the tweet was made. The location will confirm that the visit was actually made. If the manager wants, he can even tweet back for any instructions.

The next prospective client is hardly a mile away from the first one but manager has no idea about this distance. Looking at the time difference between one meeting and the other and taking a look at the two physical locations on the map linked to the tweet, manager can even see if any time was wasted between the two meetings.

The use is just limited to one’s imagination. You can use it for sales force, maintenance team, courier service, surveys, delivery, logistics, mobile medical teams and more.

And yes, one thing very important. Do not use personal Twitter account here. Make another one for this purpose only otherwise you will end up spending more time in Tweeting than doing work.

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