Think big! How about a 15″+ tablet?

Think big! How about a 15″+ tablet?

In my last post, I discussed whether we really need a tablet. The need differs from person to person but I think that now tablet makers need to think in a different way.

They have seen the success of tablet and they now must decide if they want to present it as a laptop replacement or a cellphone alternate because soon people will start getting tired of carrying three different things for the same purpose – a laptop, a cellphone and a tablet.

In my opinion, a tablet cannot be a phone’s replacement because of its size but it surely can replace a laptop if its size is a bit increased.

Imagine a 15″+ tablet, preferably 17″, with HD wide screen display.


OS similar to what it is at the moment, but better facility interface for the office suites so that formatting the documents and drawing tables is no more a hassle.


An improved mechanism of copy/paste and surely a wider virtual keyboard.

Hand writing recognition enabled to write with stylus or draw anything freehand.


A slim dock station for use on an office table. The dock station should support connectivity with a simple set of USB keyboard and mouse, but must have an option for bluetooth devices as well.


If dock can be connected to speakers for watching movies, that would be great.


And yes, a very slim slide-out handle to carry so that it can be carried even without a carrying case.


More battery life so users can work without the fear of draining the battery out.

If I can have something like this, I think I will no more need my PC or laptop.

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