The digital SHEntrepreneur

The digital SHEntrepreneur

Ever since the beginning of time, technological advancements have been taking place but the pace at which we have experienced this advancement in the last 20 years, we have never seen this pace ever in the entire history.

2011-03-01-ladyThe main credit goes to the invention called “computer”. In fact, we did not start receiving technological gifts so frequently till the big brains started working on reducing the size and increasing the processing speed of this machine. Once this was in hand and in control, a bombardment of useful gadgets started.

Most of us use these multi-purpose gadgets for one single purpose or fun or as a trend, but there are some people who use them much more smartly and have made their life easier than ever before.

Today, I will tell you the story of a SHEntrepreneur.  SHEntrepreneur stands for “She Entrepreneur” or a lady entrepreneur.

This lady runs a small business, has an office but hardly spends any time sitting in it. You know why? Because she uses technology smartly.

The lady runs a small manufacturing concern. The business by size is small, but still the largest of its nature in the country.

2011-03-01-blackberry-laptop-225x300Her weapons include, an ecommerce web site, a laptop which she switches on occasionally and a BlackBerry smart phone which stays with her 24/7.

The web site is very much content rich and search engine optimised. This means, she receives quite a satisfactory number of visitors from search engines. These people visit the web site and send enquiries or place direct orders.

Orders are received by the dispatch department and a copy of them on her BlackBerry. Orders are shipped and another name is added to the list of satisfied customers.

Inquiries too are received on her BlackBerry phone. She replies to queries or sends price quotes from her BlackBerry – instantly.

To send heavier files like product brochures, she has a fit-to-mobile web site module from where she can send documents with just a single click.

Apart from search engines, the company also appears at top in Google Places, which is another source of prospective walk-in customers.

Follow-up in every field of life is very important. Same is in the case of selling.

According to a research conducted by American Sales Management Association;

2% sales are made on 1st contact.
3% on 2nd contact.
5% on 3rd contact.
10% on 4th contact.
And 80% on 5th-12th contact.

She understand this and considers follow-up seriously.

Against every email enquiry received, she places a follow-up reminder flag on her BlackBerry phone. This is BlackBerry’s built-in feature. You can flag an email for follow-up to give you an alert on the specified date and time.

She also uses SMS scheduler for BlackBerry to send automated SMS reminders where suitable.

To avoid writing emails from scratch every time, she has saved several email templates as email drafts. Hence when a common message needs to be sent, she just picks one from the draft.

Existing client-base is a huge asset. If you are not making use of it, you are sitting like a snake on a chest of treasure.

She has an automated newsletter system built in her web site. The system randomly selects a collection of products from the database and emails it in form of a well formatted email newsletter to the existing customers, as well as the subscribers of the mailing list on a weekly basis.

She has not left social media marketing behind and keeps her Twitter account updated with the latest products to offer and related interesting news from the world.

To be honest, perhaps she has hardly every logged in to her Twitter account but still keeps tweeting. How does she do it? Well, the idea is simple. She has an RSS feed of her products on her web site. This feed is automatically fetched by a service called Google Feedburner and regularly sent as a Twitter post.

What she has created is an infinite loop of automated tasks and we can learn a lot from her practices. Luckily, the lady in fact is none other than my own wife – Farnaz.

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