Productive Use of Drones

Productive Use of Drones


Drones are quite famous when it comes to fighting against terrorists and targeting their whereabouts, but in the last few months, we have seen a very dramatic increase in the use of drones outside the war against terror domain.

Most commonly, drones are available for ariel photography and at very affordable prices. Different models are available at different prices, common price range is between $400 ~ $500. Some drones are pre-mounted with still or video cameras while for others, you have to buy the photography gadgets as add-ons.

Below is a list of some productive uses.

  • Photography
  • Environment Monitoring
  • Coastal – Ocean Observations
  • Wildlife Tracking and Monitoring
  • Forestry and Agriculture
  • Inspection and Monitoring
  • Media and Sports
  • Ariel Survey
  • Product Delivery
  • Hurricane Hunting
  • Fire Protection
  • ┬áMilitary Surveillance

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