How safe is it to Shop Online? – Tips to Stay Secure

How safe is it to Shop Online? – Tips to Stay Secure

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Online shopping has become an integral part of our life style. Most people today like to transact online instead of offline. Sadly, there are people who still refrain from shopping online mainly due to fear of having their vital financial information being compromised, if it falls into the wrong hands. As a result, they simply avoid online purchasing.

Here are some tips that might help you keep safe while shopping online. In fact, the following points would highlight general precautions of safe and secure online shopping to people who argue against it.

Always use Trusted Websites

Before entering your personal and financial information for online transaction, make sure that website is secure and trusted. If you are not comfort while purchasing product or service over the web, you should not make the shopping unless until you get assurance about the website.

Never Send Credit Card details over Email

For online shopping, there is no need to send your credit card details to the retailer via email. If any retailer asks for your credit card details it is strongly advised that, you should not give out any such information via email or for that matter over the phone.

Check out retailer’s privacy policy and return policy

Before shopping online, take some time going through the retailer’s privacy policy and their return policy carefully just to make sure that you do not walk into a “consumer death trap”. This term refers to bad online deals where the customer has no way out in case he is not satisfied with the purchase.

Keep Payment Receipts Safe

You should keep the transaction receipts carefully for further queries and future references. Keeping copies / receipts of online transactions is even easier than physical transactions; a good way of going about it is taking a few screen shots while you are making an online transaction. You should keep the record of purchasing item including time, date, and recipient number etc. in a separate folder and keep all related material (emails, screen shots) in that for ready reference

Updated Version of Antivirus

You should have updated version of antivirus in running condition while go online. Viruses can play havoc with your system; they would not only slow your system down but could also create illusions, which might cause you to do something wrong while making an online transaction. Some viruses are even known to record your keystrokes and hack your vital information.

Logout from Your Account

When you login to any site, do not forget to logout, closing your browser is not enough. This is so common it happens all the time. People are so busy running multiple chores that they leave applications open and at times after doing that would wonder, off without securing their computers. While making online purchases make sure you log out before you leave your system.

Use Electronic Accounts

Use electronic accounts such as PayPal, Dinners, American Express, VISA or Master Card while making payment to any person. Do not transfer your payment directly into individual’s bank account even if you are prompted to do so.

Check Credit Cards As Well As Bank Statements

Do not forget to check credit cards as well as bank statements after every online shopping payment. This way you would be in a position to rectify any anomaly in the transaction early on. You can use alerts or notifications so that whenever your bank accounts are debited or your credit cards are charged you get an automated notice of the transaction.

Secure Redirection to Third Party

Some websites redirect you to third party such as CCNOW, 2CheckOut etc. Before making your payment, you should ensure that these websites are secure. This is simple, check if the website uses a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) the url would have to be a https:// instead of a http://.

Careful Information Entry

Before passing your order, you should review the number of items; item codes and other related information so that you do not have to make amends after you have placed an order. This is an easy and must do practice and does not take too much time.

Assurance about the Identity, Location and Contact Information of the Retailer

Many online companies have reputed brand names such as but there are some websites which are not well-known. In such case, you should scrutinize about the website a little such as the identity, location and contact details of the online retailer. Online reviews are a good way of finding about service or repute of any company.

Website Secure with SSL

Make sure that website is secure with SSL (Socket Secure Layer) from whom you are purchasing your desired products and services. Actually, SSL has the ability to provide secure and safe connection, and it allows online secure data transmission.

Some Online Shopping Stores

Summing it up, there is no harm in making online purchases provided you are prudent enough to take the mentioned precautionary measures, in fact it is a convenience that you simply cannot ignore.

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