Follow me and the software is free

Follow me and the software is free

oh-yes-its-freeEvery day, we use software. From our operating system to word processor, we usually buy these as paid applications when we can have them for free.

There are thousands of free to use software applications and below, I will give you a small list of some real good ones.


Operating Systems

Unix and Linux are two of the most renowned operating systems besides Windows and Mac. These are open-source and available as different distributions.


All of the above can be installed with different free of cost daily use software applications or more professional business applications but to me, PC-BCD is the easiest to install and even picks most of the hardware during the installation.

Linux is the younger brother of Unix and again, available in several distribution packages to meet your needs. The most commonly used and easy to install ones are listed below but all my votes are for Ubuntu.

I am not going to discuss anything further about Unix and Linux but you must know that these are not owned by any company and are publicly maintained.

If you want to try, try Ubuntu. It can *co-exist with another operating system and installs in just a few minutes. In most of the cases, you will not even need to install the hardware drivers separately.


If you want to try without installing, you can just insert the CD, run it in live mode without installing and if you like it, install it.

Office Applications

  • KingOffice – Complete office suite and a very similar interface to Microsoft Office.
  • OpenOffice – Complete office suite.
  • AbiWord – Word processor.


Email Clients

Photo Editing

There are many others as well, but all of the above are available for Windows, Mac, Unix and Linux operating systems.

*Most of the Unix and Linux distributions can now co-exist with other operating systems.

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