Exit Interview – An Opportunity to Improve

Exit Interview – An Opportunity to Improve

The exit interview with a leaving employee is your possibility to obtain information about how well your organization is doing – and, what your organization must do to enhance. Used in concert with employee satisfaction surveys, exit interviews are a rich supply of information for organization development.

Business-Survey-iconExit interviews are crucial to organization employee improvement since infrequently do you want to receive such candid feedback from employees that are current. You will find that a few pieces were not unresolvable with earlier information but others aren’t, including the desire for a large salary increase.

Sadly, if you’re learning development ideas or employee concerns at the exit interview, it is too late to take action help or to improve the exiting employee. The very best time for an employee to talk about dissatisfaction, concerns and ideas along with his company is while he’s a dedicated employee, not on his way out the doorway. Ensure that your organization provides multiple chances to assemble and learn from employee feedback, including surveys, section meetings, comment or idea forms, and more.

You are interested, through the exit interview, in the comments of employees who voluntarily terminate their employment by means of your organization. On the other hand, do not overlook the opportunity to ask for feedback from employees you fire for performance or presence. Advice that is helpful may be obtained by you with employees you fire throughout the conclusion meeting.

In a recent conclusion assembly, I was told by the fired employee him had burned out because it was boring. I was able to offer some encouragement about finishing school in lieu of another boring light industrial position.

Exit interviews are commonly performed in person using the departing employee. Sometimes, the supervisor conducts the exit interview, but most often, a Human Resources staff individual holds the exit interview. Written or on-line surveys to conduct exit interviews are used by some organizations. I am a proponent of speaking with the departing employee to more fully explore and comprehend her or his views through the exit interview.

The exit interview questions you ask are key to obtaining actionable advice. Begin your exit interview with light discussion to help your departing employee feel comfortable answering your questions. Assure the employee that no negative consequences will result from honest discussion throughout the exit interview.

Clarify that you would make use of the info supplied in aggregate structure, throughout the exit interview, to help your organization improve and retain valued employees. Freely investigate each answer farther for comprehension that is total and clarification.

Exit interviews can be paper based on computer based or internet based like www.ExitLogics.com – an excellent tool to conduct exit interviews online and get meaningful reporting with just a few clicks.