Email Scheduling for Most Effective Communication

Email Scheduling for Most Effective Communication

Email today has become the most frequently used communication tool. It has several benefits over any other means of communication and if used properly it can be much more effective than any other medium. Most of us do not know this, but an email sent timely can be far more effective than the one sent randomly. Usually we write emails at our convenience and we do likewise while replying them. However, prioritizing our convenience may cause us to lose the effectiveness of our communication. The Ideal situation would be to write an email at our convenience yet time its delivery so that it lands in the recipient’s inbox during his or her working hours.

Clock-iconLet me explain how. If you reside in America and you want information about payment status of your buyer in Asia. You send out an email in your office hours in the morning, which would be night in Asia. By the time your buyer comes to office, you would be asleep and he would be going through a ton of emails with your email buried somewhere at the bottom of the pile. There is a chance that the buyer may miss to respond to your email altogether or may respond to it late because your mail may have gotten lost in the pile or lying at the bottom of the pile.

Even if the buyer has already read your email on his mobile the moment you sent it, he might not be able to respond to you immediately as he may need to get an update from his accounts department. When he comes to his office, again there is a fair chance of missing an already read email. Therefore, the best practice here is to schedule an email. Generally, emails received and responded during office hours are considered most effective.

Now the question arises, how to schedule an email? Whether you are using Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Gmail or even BlackBerry, most of these email tools have a way to schedule the sending of emails by a default feature or by an add-on.

An email scheduler allows you to send an email at a specified time, after a few hours or even repeat the sending if required. Scheduling an email makes it possible for you to send emails at your convenience while making sure they hit the recipient’s inbox when he / she can best respond to them.

The best part about email scheduling is that you can not only schedule  sending new mails but also schedule when to respond to the ones received.

The links below show you how to schedule emails for different email applications.

How to Schedule an Email in Microsoft Outlook
The link be shows how to schedule an email in Microsoft Outlook

How to Schedule an Email in Mozilla Thunderbird
There is an add-on in Mozilla knows an Send Later, that allows you to schedule emails.

How to Schedule an Email in Gmail
A third party Google Chrome plugin called Gmail Boomerang does this for Gmail

How to Schedule an Email in BlackBerry One app for BlackBerry that does this is known as Email Scheduler and is available at the link below

How to Schedule an Email in Android
Message and Email Scheduler for Android does this for Android phones.


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