Earthquake and Tsunami Detection System

Earthquake and Tsunami Detection System

2011-03-14-earthquakeScientists have invested a huge amount of time in inventing some truly effective early warning system for the detection of earthquakes and tsunamis, but so far they have not had any reasonable success.

This does not mean that we should doubt the abilities of scientists, but just that sometimes we simply need a breakthrough and breakthroughs usually take time.

With the increased frequency of earthquakes and tsunamis in the recent past and the amount of loss chained to them, I think scientists should now think in a different angle.

It has long been believed that birds and insects have the ability to sense natural calamities well in advance, this can perhaps be the perfect time to test this belief.

2011-03-14-birdsScientists should take advantage of this sense God has gifted to birds and insects. Coupling it with latest computer technologies, they need to monitor the behaviour pattern of these creatures in normal conditions, weather changes and natural disasters. Once they start understanding behaviour patterns, computers can then easily generate early warnings.

Basically what we need now is to use nature to get warned against the moods of the nature. I am sure, after a few calendar changes on the wall, we will have such a system.

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