Do we really need a tablet?

Do we really need a tablet?

tabletsIf you are even a little techie, the word you will most frequently hear nowadays is “tablet”.

Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple Inc. is perhaps the only person who has the credit of changing the world trends multiple times.

First he did it with the introduction of Apple range of computers. He did it again by unveiling the iMac. Third time it was by introducing the iPhone and finally it is by the launch of iPad.

He sets the trends and others follow. This is what has happened in tablets as well. He launched iPad and since then, market has been invaded by tons of tablets.

But the question is, do we really need a tablet? Well, I spent quite a bit of time on finding it out and here is what I feel.

Tablet is indeed an amazing thing but it neither is a laptop nor a smart phone.

The things an ordinary user uses a laptop for are mainly web browsing, checking emails, word processing, making spreadsheets and designing presentations.

Why we use mobile phones is to make phone calls.

With tablets, we do all the stuff mentioned above but to be honest, it is not that easy.

Let me discuss in detail different scenarios as below.

Making office documents and spreadsheets on a tablet is possible, but the ability to format them is quite limited. Copy/paste is quite a hassle. Making a flat document is easy but I tried to make a few office documents with more advanced features and when it comes to formatting and adding tables, I missed my laptop a lot. So my vote here in this case is for a laptop and not for a tablet.

Using a tablet, you surely can browse the web, though you sometimes have to compromise with the small display by zooming in the screen. This zooming in brings a horizontal scroll on the screen which I hate to see, but even then, in this case, I have no issue using a tablet.

If you are good at virtual keyboards, you can manage to type emails and I think a virtual keyboard on this size of screen is quite acceptable. I have no issue using a tablet in this case as well but would prefer using my BlackBerry with a qwerty keyboard.

Games, this is another thing tablets are good at offering and I am quite OK with playing games on this device.

Now most of the tablets have mobile phone built in them but I do not think anyone of us will be comfortable carrying a 10″ or a 7″ mobile phone. Hence, we have to carry a phone separately in addition to a tablet, so I give a negative mark to tablet when it has to be used as a phone.

Below is a chart showing the ability of each device.


Below are my recommendations.


Summing it all, these are not ultimate words. Requirements and convenience levels differ from person to person. According to my requirement, I do not need a tablet but according to your requirement, you may need one.

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