CEO Wanted – Job Description: QC and Customer Service

CEO Wanted – Job Description: QC and Customer Service

Today, the world has become too professional and so have the job descriptions. Earlier, you might have come across a “CEO Wanted” ad in the newspaper with job description to manage the company at corporate level and make critical financial decisions. However today, do not be surprised if you see the same ad with somewhat changed job description such as to look after the quality control and customer service.

Briefcase-iconWhy is it so? If we look deeply, quality of products and customer satisfaction can be considered as the backbone of the company. Your marketing team may be able to sell your products once, but guaranteed profits in almost every business come from repeat orders. If the product quality is not good and customers are not satisfied with the services provided, the business will never achieve the desired results.

Whether the CEO is a paid employee or the founder of the company, the eventual objective is to lead the company from the top and to the top. Quality Control and Customer Support are two main sectors directly linked to customer satisfaction. If the customers are satisfied, no one can stop them from being loyal to your brand.

In a corporate environment, usually the good things travel up to the top and the complaints retained at lower levels. However, companies where CEOs are make sure that what is going out is the best quality and consider customer satisfaction as top priority are the companies that are actually leading from the top.

With effective communication systems designed to get regular feedback from the customers, simple customer responses can save a huge amount usually involved in doing market research. A properly collected customer’s feedback can easily tell about the quality of the product, acceptability of the product’s price, who are the competitors and what they are offering at what price – hence leading to better understanding of the market.

In addition, feedback is also important in improvement of product quality, adding new features to it and continuous innovation. However, this can only be achieved when the true picture from customers reaches the top, which usually does not because it involves carelessness from a chain of people.

CEO is also considered to be the most loyal person to the company as he/she most of the times is the founder or a descendant of the founder and can feel the real pain when things are going wrong. This pain cannot be felt by anyone else.

Summing all up, the CEOs directly involved in Quality Control make sure that best quality products leave for the market making it a lot easier for the first time buyers. When they are also looking at the Customer Services and Satisfaction, they make sure that the repeat buyers stay happy.

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