Owning a BlackBerry and still living happily

Owning a BlackBerry and still living happily

BlackBerry can be your best friend as it can keep you in touch with family, friends, colleagues and clients.

There are a ton of applications to stay you connected with the world like; Pushmail, BlackBerry messenger, MSN messenger, GoogleTalk, Yahoo messenger, Facebook, etc. To top it all, Google Latitude is there to show even your location.

When we are new to BlackBerry, we really enjoy all this stuff. We feel that the world is in our hands now and we are controlling it, but as the time passes by, we realize, we are not controlling the world with BlackBerry, but BlackBerry is controlling our world.

With a friend in the north and a cousin in the south, morning in a client’s city and night at the colleague’s place, you are badly trapped. With different messengers ringing round the clock, you find yourself in a state of “no escape”.

BlackBerry-LogoTo keep BlackBerry your best friend, think in advance. Which applications to install and which not to. What is more dear to you, a good night sleep or the attractive ringtones of different messengers.

Also, never add your customers to your BlackBerry messenger because you can sign out of all messengers, but the BlackBerry messenger.

Furthermore, BlackBerry messenger even shows the message status. So if someone has sent you a message, they can even see when the message was delivered and whether it was read. Hence, if you have read the message but not replied to it instantly, you are leaving a negative impression on the sender about yourself.

Delete or change the default BlackBerry email signature which says something like, “Mail sent by BlackBerry…”.

Although this signature has a great impact on the one who reads it, but at the same time, people can mind if they know that you own a BlackBerry and still not responding to their email instantly.

There is no smartphone in the world like BlackBerry, but be smarter than your BlackBerry. Think smart and stay happy.