Think big! How about a 15″+ tablet?

Think big! How about a 15″+ tablet?

In my last post, I discussed whether we really need a tablet. The need differs from person to person but I think that now tablet makers need to think in a different way.

They have seen the success of tablet and they now must decide if they want to present it as a laptop replacement or a cellphone alternate because soon people will start getting tired of carrying three different things for the same purpose – a laptop, a cellphone and a tablet.

In my opinion, a tablet cannot be a phone’s replacement because of its size but it surely can replace a laptop if its size is a bit increased.

Imagine a 15″+ tablet, preferably 17″, with HD wide screen display.


OS similar to what it is at the moment, but better facility interface for the office suites so that formatting the documents and drawing tables is no more a hassle.


An improved mechanism of copy/paste and surely a wider virtual keyboard.

Hand writing recognition enabled to write with stylus or draw anything freehand.


A slim dock station for use on an office table. The dock station should support connectivity with a simple set of USB keyboard and mouse, but must have an option for bluetooth devices as well.


If dock can be connected to speakers for watching movies, that would be great.


And yes, a very slim slide-out handle to carry so that it can be carried even without a carrying case.


More battery life so users can work without the fear of draining the battery out.

If I can have something like this, I think I will no more need my PC or laptop.

Owning a BlackBerry and still living happily

Owning a BlackBerry and still living happily

BlackBerry can be your best friend as it can keep you in touch with family, friends, colleagues and clients.

There are a ton of applications to stay you connected with the world like; Pushmail, BlackBerry messenger, MSN messenger, GoogleTalk, Yahoo messenger, Facebook, etc. To top it all, Google Latitude is there to show even your location.

When we are new to BlackBerry, we really enjoy all this stuff. We feel that the world is in our hands now and we are controlling it, but as the time passes by, we realize, we are not controlling the world with BlackBerry, but BlackBerry is controlling our world.

With a friend in the north and a cousin in the south, morning in a client’s city and night at the colleague’s place, you are badly trapped. With different messengers ringing round the clock, you find yourself in a state of “no escape”.

BlackBerry-LogoTo keep BlackBerry your best friend, think in advance. Which applications to install and which not to. What is more dear to you, a good night sleep or the attractive ringtones of different messengers.

Also, never add your customers to your BlackBerry messenger because you can sign out of all messengers, but the BlackBerry messenger.

Furthermore, BlackBerry messenger even shows the message status. So if someone has sent you a message, they can even see when the message was delivered and whether it was read. Hence, if you have read the message but not replied to it instantly, you are leaving a negative impression on the sender about yourself.

Delete or change the default BlackBerry email signature which says something like, “Mail sent by BlackBerry…”.

Although this signature has a great impact on the one who reads it, but at the same time, people can mind if they know that you own a BlackBerry and still not responding to their email instantly.

There is no smartphone in the world like BlackBerry, but be smarter than your BlackBerry. Think smart and stay happy.

Twitter as a field-force monitoring system

Twitter as a field-force monitoring system

There has long been a need for a real-time field-force monitoring system where people working in field can report their activities on the spot and management can view it, making sure that what has been reported has indeed been performed at the same location.
Let me explain you this way. Most of the companies have sales force hunting for prospective clients. By the day end, the sales staff needs to submit a report of their activities. If the activity report says that the person visited 35 prospects on a certain day who knows whether these prospects were actually visited. Even if we believe this, how can the management find out how much time was wasted in unofficial activities between one meeting and the other.

2011-03-16-twitterWith the use of smart phones, installed with a Twitter app, this can very easily be done because every tweet has time and most interestingly these apps can post tweet’s location.

So now, things will work like this. The manager has a Twitter account and his sales force as well.

John Doe, a sales representative visits Amalgamated Chemicals and meets their procurement department. All he needs to do is just tweet the meeting summary immediately after the meeting. This will record tweet’s physical location, as well as the time and the manager can see the activity in real time along with the location on the map where the tweet was made. The location will confirm that the visit was actually made. If the manager wants, he can even tweet back for any instructions.

The next prospective client is hardly a mile away from the first one but manager has no idea about this distance. Looking at the time difference between one meeting and the other and taking a look at the two physical locations on the map linked to the tweet, manager can even see if any time was wasted between the two meetings.

The use is just limited to one’s imagination. You can use it for sales force, maintenance team, courier service, surveys, delivery, logistics, mobile medical teams and more.

And yes, one thing very important. Do not use personal Twitter account here. Make another one for this purpose only otherwise you will end up spending more time in Tweeting than doing work.

The digital SHEntrepreneur

The digital SHEntrepreneur

Ever since the beginning of time, technological advancements have been taking place but the pace at which we have experienced this advancement in the last 20 years, we have never seen this pace ever in the entire history.

2011-03-01-ladyThe main credit goes to the invention called “computer”. In fact, we did not start receiving technological gifts so frequently till the big brains started working on reducing the size and increasing the processing speed of this machine. Once this was in hand and in control, a bombardment of useful gadgets started.

Most of us use these multi-purpose gadgets for one single purpose or fun or as a trend, but there are some people who use them much more smartly and have made their life easier than ever before.

Today, I will tell you the story of a SHEntrepreneur.  SHEntrepreneur stands for “She Entrepreneur” or a lady entrepreneur.

This lady runs a small business, has an office but hardly spends any time sitting in it. You know why? Because she uses technology smartly.

The lady runs a small manufacturing concern. The business by size is small, but still the largest of its nature in the country.

2011-03-01-blackberry-laptop-225x300Her weapons include, an ecommerce web site, a laptop which she switches on occasionally and a BlackBerry smart phone which stays with her 24/7.

The web site is very much content rich and search engine optimised. This means, she receives quite a satisfactory number of visitors from search engines. These people visit the web site and send enquiries or place direct orders.

Orders are received by the dispatch department and a copy of them on her BlackBerry. Orders are shipped and another name is added to the list of satisfied customers.

Inquiries too are received on her BlackBerry phone. She replies to queries or sends price quotes from her BlackBerry – instantly.

To send heavier files like product brochures, she has a fit-to-mobile web site module from where she can send documents with just a single click.

Apart from search engines, the company also appears at top in Google Places, which is another source of prospective walk-in customers.

Follow-up in every field of life is very important. Same is in the case of selling.

According to a research conducted by American Sales Management Association;

2% sales are made on 1st contact.
3% on 2nd contact.
5% on 3rd contact.
10% on 4th contact.
And 80% on 5th-12th contact.

She understand this and considers follow-up seriously.

Against every email enquiry received, she places a follow-up reminder flag on her BlackBerry phone. This is BlackBerry’s built-in feature. You can flag an email for follow-up to give you an alert on the specified date and time.

She also uses SMS scheduler for BlackBerry to send automated SMS reminders where suitable.

To avoid writing emails from scratch every time, she has saved several email templates as email drafts. Hence when a common message needs to be sent, she just picks one from the draft.

Existing client-base is a huge asset. If you are not making use of it, you are sitting like a snake on a chest of treasure.

She has an automated newsletter system built in her web site. The system randomly selects a collection of products from the database and emails it in form of a well formatted email newsletter to the existing customers, as well as the subscribers of the mailing list on a weekly basis.

She has not left social media marketing behind and keeps her Twitter account updated with the latest products to offer and related interesting news from the world.

To be honest, perhaps she has hardly every logged in to her Twitter account but still keeps tweeting. How does she do it? Well, the idea is simple. She has an RSS feed of her products on her web site. This feed is automatically fetched by a service called Google Feedburner and regularly sent as a Twitter post.

What she has created is an infinite loop of automated tasks and we can learn a lot from her practices. Luckily, the lady in fact is none other than my own wife – Farnaz.