5 Tips for Safe Qurbani

5 Tips for Safe Qurbani

5 Tips for Safe Qurbani

1. Get a professional butcher

It is very important to find a professional butcher because the animal should be slaughtered in a painless manner. In addition to this a professional can also make better and clean meat.

2. Use protective clothing

Use apron, gloves and boots while slaughtering to handle blood and body fluids, do not use bare hands. Dispose them off after use.

3. Wash your hands

Wash your hands properly with water and soap and if possible use a hand sanitiser after wash.

4. Clean

Clean the area and equipment thoroughly with water before qurbani. After qurbani, clean the area with water and any surface disinfectant.

5. Safe Disposal

Safely dispose off the waste resulting from slaughtering by putting it in disposable plastic bags and discard it at the designated place by the municipality.


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