5 Value Added Services Recruiting Companies Can Offer and Make Extra Money

5 Value Added Services Recruiting Companies Can Offer and Make Extra Money

As an independent recruitment company, if your business is down or you want to extend your business with some more services, following is a list of value added services you can provide and make extra money.

0-Dollar-icon1. Interview/Open Days
You can offer Interview/Open Days recruitment campaigns for small and large firms. You can manage everything from organizing the interviews and sourcing the candidates to booking the place.

2. Exit Interviews
Exit interviews are very important for every business. If conducted properly, you can easily analyze why your employees leave, where they go and even can tell which of your competitors are taking your employees.

There are tools like www.ExitLogics.com available that offer you a complete system to conduct and analyze exit interviews on behalf of your clients. You pay a monthly subscription to use such a service and can charge a handsome amount to your clients.

3. Targeted Marketing
Target driven advertising campaigns in local, national, and specialist publications can also be provided by you.

You can offer your customers tailored effort, including design and preferential advertising space rates or advertise for your benefit. If you have a heavy traffic web site, your site can also permit you to show case the most pressing vacancies and features all current vacancies.

4. Remuneration Surveys
You  can offer your clients with useful information on their competitions salary ranges and benefits packages to ensure that the company is competing on an even playing field.

5. Psychometric Testing
This is something very interesting to offer. Psychometric tests are utilized to identify capability, style, or a candidate’s aptitudes. Tests have now been created over several years and tend to be combined with special groups defined previous educational level by age or type of occupation.