What is Acupuncture

What is Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese technique used for treatment of various human ailments. This technique involves the acupuncturist to insert sterilized needles at various pressure points and nerve centers to aid the flow of blood and energy.

yin-yangTo master acupuncture one has to undergo meticulous training routines and has to study the human anatomy in detail along with the precision use of needles, as even the slightest malfunction could lead to harm rather than good. The technique has proved to be beneficial in bodily disorders such as rheumatism, hypertension, insomnia, anemia and many more.

Just like any other form of treatment, to acquire the basic knowledge and to master a technique are two completely different things. An acupuncture specialist is not only qualified to apply the technique on his or her patients rather he or she has enough command over the trait to deliver what is required without fail.

The practitioners emphasize on the fact that this mode of treatment is not only natural but safe also. The therapy relies on the ancient Chinese concepts of YIN and YANG. They believe that the Yin (negative) and Yang (positive) forces affect the human body, and disease is a result of the imbalance of these two forces. A person can only stay healthy when Yin and Yang are in harmony.

Acupuncture addresses the treatment of imbalance of Yin and Yang in a natural way by aiding the body to help develop its own natural healing mechanism. Latest research shows that human body consists of cells, and cells comprise of bio-electrons whenever these bio-electrons act abnormally the body scums to some disease.

Ocupuncture encourages natural healing and improved functionality by various methods such as inserting needles, applying heat, or electrical stimulation at various body points. The aim is to regulate the channels of energy flowing throughout the human body called “meridians”, all the modes of acupuncture aim at removing the obstructions in these energy channels or for that matter blood flow and even nervous pulses.

One recent development in the field is the “Energy Graph”, a software detects and plots the graphic flow of energy levels of various internal organs making it possible for the acupuncturist to treat their patients more effectively and with precision.


*Some information in this article has been taken from this acupuncture page and yin yang image from designbolts.com.