What is Acupuncture

What is Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese technique used for treatment of various human ailments. This technique involves the acupuncturist to insert sterilized needles at various pressure points and nerve centers to aid the flow of blood and energy.

yin-yangTo master acupuncture one has to undergo meticulous training routines and has to study the human anatomy in detail along with the precision use of needles, as even the slightest malfunction could lead to harm rather than good. The technique has proved to be beneficial in bodily disorders such as rheumatism, hypertension, insomnia, anemia and many more.

Just like any other form of treatment, to acquire the basic knowledge and to master a technique are two completely different things. An acupuncture specialist is not only qualified to apply the technique on his or her patients rather he or she has enough command over the trait to deliver what is required without fail.

The practitioners emphasize on the fact that this mode of treatment is not only natural but safe also. The therapy relies on the ancient Chinese concepts of YIN and YANG. They believe that the Yin (negative) and Yang (positive) forces affect the human body, and disease is a result of the imbalance of these two forces. A person can only stay healthy when Yin and Yang are in harmony.

Acupuncture addresses the treatment of imbalance of Yin and Yang in a natural way by aiding the body to help develop its own natural healing mechanism. Latest research shows that human body consists of cells, and cells comprise of bio-electrons whenever these bio-electrons act abnormally the body scums to some disease.

Ocupuncture encourages natural healing and improved functionality by various methods such as inserting needles, applying heat, or electrical stimulation at various body points. The aim is to regulate the channels of energy flowing throughout the human body called “meridians”, all the modes of acupuncture aim at removing the obstructions in these energy channels or for that matter blood flow and even nervous pulses.

One recent development in the field is the “Energy Graph”, a software detects and plots the graphic flow of energy levels of various internal organs making it possible for the acupuncturist to treat their patients more effectively and with precision.


*Some information in this article has been taken from this acupuncture page and yin yang image from designbolts.com.

How to Reduce Employee Turnover

How to Reduce Employee Turnover


A higher employee turnover ratio could definitely be regarded as a negative attribute for any organization. Firstly owing to large chunks of resources going into hiring and training of the staff for filling the vacant slots, and secondly due to the damage to organization’s repute.

Just stop! and think for a while, why would any employee well set in his career with clear possibilities of future growth want to switch jobs. Yes, there could be many possible answers to that. However, one can easily assume that no matter how diverse and complex the reasons they would have to be fairly convincing for an individual to take that difficult decision.

If you are an employer or a HR manager the question of how to reduce employee turnover might have got you pondering many a times, here are a few tips, which could help you drastically reduce your employee turnover ratio in particular and create a better work environment in general.

Hire Right People In The First Place

Some things are easier said than done, however, this is a bare fact that if you take time hiring your employees you could have a lower turnover ratio. If you make your roles clear at the time of hiring and choose the best fit for your organizational culture you would probably have lessor worries at your hand as far as employee retention is concerned.

Keep a Close Watch over Compensations

If you do not keep yourself at par with the current rate of compensations then do not blame the leaving employees for drifting to greener pastures. This may look like a basic phenomenon, but the fact is that many companies make it a point to deliver compensation benefits through periodic raises for ensuring a good employee retention rate.

Appreciate Good Work with Tangible Rewards

Every good employer / manager knows how important it is to appreciate good work, especially when you make it public in your organization. However, when you add physical rewards to that admiration it comes back in the form of employee loyalty, what is more it even encourages others to engage in a healthy competition, which is eventually beneficial for the organizational productivity as well.

Flexibility Matters

Over the last few years, companies have been offering flexible working hours as part of the gross compensation package, making it possible for many employees to adjust their work and family hours in a balanced fit. Many companies ignoring this fact have seen their employees drift to companies offering flexi work hours.

Make Your Performance Reviews More Acceptable

Generally, performance reviews get a mixed response from the employees one-half of them think them inaccurate and non-motivating while the other half think otherwise. If you work out on quality of your performance reviews for gaining general acceptability, you have a fair chance of winning the trust and loyalty of the first half type mind set employees.

Cultivate Mutual Respect

This is one thing you can demonstrate yourself. It is a proven fact that respect at workplace is directly correlated with employee turnover ratio. Most employees would opt for a lower paid job where they are recognized and respected for good work instead of a higher paid job without recognition and respect.

Don’t Forget to Conduct Exit Interviews

Sadly, despite any organization’s best efforts employees do tend to leave for various reasons. These reasons could be a great source for any organization or HR department to analyze the main motives at play behind the high turnover. Exit Interviews give you a chance to drill down various factors responsible for employee migration and to make amendments in the system if so required.



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How safe is it to Shop Online? – Tips to Stay Secure

How safe is it to Shop Online? – Tips to Stay Secure

basket-icon                                                      credit-cards-icon

Online shopping has become an integral part of our life style. Most people today like to transact online instead of offline. Sadly, there are people who still refrain from shopping online mainly due to fear of having their vital financial information being compromised, if it falls into the wrong hands. As a result, they simply avoid online purchasing.

Here are some tips that might help you keep safe while shopping online. In fact, the following points would highlight general precautions of safe and secure online shopping to people who argue against it.

Always use Trusted Websites

Before entering your personal and financial information for online transaction, make sure that website is secure and trusted. If you are not comfort while purchasing product or service over the web, you should not make the shopping unless until you get assurance about the website.

Never Send Credit Card details over Email

For online shopping, there is no need to send your credit card details to the retailer via email. If any retailer asks for your credit card details it is strongly advised that, you should not give out any such information via email or for that matter over the phone.

Check out retailer’s privacy policy and return policy

Before shopping online, take some time going through the retailer’s privacy policy and their return policy carefully just to make sure that you do not walk into a “consumer death trap”. This term refers to bad online deals where the customer has no way out in case he is not satisfied with the purchase.

Keep Payment Receipts Safe

You should keep the transaction receipts carefully for further queries and future references. Keeping copies / receipts of online transactions is even easier than physical transactions; a good way of going about it is taking a few screen shots while you are making an online transaction. You should keep the record of purchasing item including time, date, and recipient number etc. in a separate folder and keep all related material (emails, screen shots) in that for ready reference

Updated Version of Antivirus

You should have updated version of antivirus in running condition while go online. Viruses can play havoc with your system; they would not only slow your system down but could also create illusions, which might cause you to do something wrong while making an online transaction. Some viruses are even known to record your keystrokes and hack your vital information.

Logout from Your Account

When you login to any site, do not forget to logout, closing your browser is not enough. This is so common it happens all the time. People are so busy running multiple chores that they leave applications open and at times after doing that would wonder, off without securing their computers. While making online purchases make sure you log out before you leave your system.

Use Electronic Accounts

Use electronic accounts such as PayPal, Dinners, American Express, VISA or Master Card while making payment to any person. Do not transfer your payment directly into individual’s bank account even if you are prompted to do so.

Check Credit Cards As Well As Bank Statements

Do not forget to check credit cards as well as bank statements after every online shopping payment. This way you would be in a position to rectify any anomaly in the transaction early on. You can use alerts or notifications so that whenever your bank accounts are debited or your credit cards are charged you get an automated notice of the transaction.

Secure Redirection to Third Party

Some websites redirect you to third party such as CCNOW, 2CheckOut etc. Before making your payment, you should ensure that these websites are secure. This is simple, check if the website uses a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) the url would have to be a https:// instead of a http://.

Careful Information Entry

Before passing your order, you should review the number of items; item codes and other related information so that you do not have to make amends after you have placed an order. This is an easy and must do practice and does not take too much time.

Assurance about the Identity, Location and Contact Information of the Retailer

Many online companies have reputed brand names such as Amazon.com but there are some websites which are not well-known. In such case, you should scrutinize about the website a little such as the identity, location and contact details of the online retailer. Online reviews are a good way of finding about service or repute of any company.

Website Secure with SSL

Make sure that website is secure with SSL (Socket Secure Layer) from whom you are purchasing your desired products and services. Actually, SSL has the ability to provide secure and safe connection, and it allows online secure data transmission.

Some Online Shopping Stores





Summing it up, there is no harm in making online purchases provided you are prudent enough to take the mentioned precautionary measures, in fact it is a convenience that you simply cannot ignore.

Online Shopping – The Next Big Consumer Drift

Online Shopping – The Next Big Consumer Drift


shopping-cart-icon                                  Retail-shop-icon

The arrival of internet has put a significant impact on our lives in numerous ways. Nowadays, online shopping trend is increasing and there is no chance of slowing down. Online Shopping phenomenon provides an opportunity to consumer to buy any product he desires. The trend of online shopping is increasing so fast that many countries are not spending their money on building shopping malls instead; they focus on online shopping websites and web advertising.

Let me highlight the important aspects of online shopping over the traditional shopping, however, first, you have to understand about Online Shopping. Online Shopping actually allows the customers, potential buyers, and viewers to buy their desired products / services online with the help of internet, instead of going physically to stores or offices. Personally, I think online shopping is the best alternative of traditional shopping. Let us examine the advantages of online shopping over traditional shopping:


The main advantage of Online Shopping is the convenience. Online Shopping provides an ease and comfort to the customers. Traditionally, you had to go from one store to another to purchase your desired products or services; you had to wait for your turn in the queue; you had to face the crowd of jostle people etc. but Online Shopping provides the ability to scroll quickly through numerous stores to purchase the item you want to buy.

Time Saving

Online Shopping can save your time. People are very busy in their lives that they cannot spend their precious time in shopping. When you desire to shop online, you login to your account; it will take a minute to access your interested websites; it will take some time to choose the items you want to purchase; Fill the form about your payment and receive the printed receipt and that’s it.


Another important aspect of Online Shopping is availability of the retailers. These retailers accept your orders 24 hours a day but in case of traditional shopping, retailers accept your orders only during business hours.

Energy Saving

Online Shopping can save your energy. Traditionally you have to travel from one place to another and there is a time when there is no availability of the stock resulting in the wastage of energy. Online Shopping provides you an opportunity to save your energy.


Online shopping is quite safe as most of the online stores use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for data security. This is a method used by online retailers to keep the sensitive information of their clients secure. What this means is that all your information such as bank details, credit card information or other financial information given during transaction online is encrypted so that no one can have access to that data.

A Custom Website Design – Decision Gone Wrong

A Custom Website Design – Decision Gone Wrong

A simple custom website design with a slider, 5 – 10 pages, landing page development, and an inquiry form. How much would it cost and how much time would be required? This is what my friend “Jack” asked the CEO of a so called professional web development company. The answer was encouraging and quite reassuring, he said that developing such low cost website design was no issue for them and that they had probably developed hundreds of such websites.

This conversation took place in the office of a local professional web development company which was referred to Jack by a friend of his. The cost of the custom website development , supposedly a low cost web design was agreed at 500$ all inclusive, to be developed in around ten days. Here I must add the reason for urgency of this project. Jack has been in the textile trading and indenting business for quite some time. He never really felt the need of a website as he had some good business coming in through his regular / loyal customers. It was only that he had to attend this textile trade fair in Dubai in about three weeks time and having business cards and other business promotion material without a website address did not seem a good idea. So basically he just needed a low cost website design developed before he went to Dubai.

Anyways to cut it short, the first three days passed without much action. On the fourth day the professional web development company sent over some custom website design mock ups of which the approved one still needed some adjustments. Meanwhile Jack had delivered the content text and images for the website. The fifth and sixth day were a weekend, on the seventh day the company called in to inform that their developer had some emergency and the project could be delayed a little bit. By the end of the committed ten days timeline there was no trace of Jack’s website. After this the professional web development company went into a complete radio silence. They would not answer Jack’s calls or emails and on visiting their office Jack came to know that the company had moved its office to some unknown destination. This news was enough to really upset Jack as less than a week’s time was left in Jack’s departure to Dubai.

In the end Jack had to leave for Dubai without a website, which actually reflected bad on Jack’s company profile.

Moral: Do not hire any professional web development services without a written contract. Don’t just trust hearsay until you have done a bit of research yourself and are satisfied about the professional competence of a service provider. When you need a website developed urgently never go for a custom website design development rather chose the option of ready to use professional website templates. This would save you both time and money.