– Pakistan’s First and Very Own URL Shortening Service – Pakistan’s First and Very Own URL Shortening Service

Today, social media is at its peak and URL shortening services have become an integral part of it as link sharing on these social media sites has become very common.

URL shortening basically is conversion of long links into short ones so that they can be easily remembered or shared.

Usually when we send long links in emails, they break in two or more lines and sometimes do not open as they appear broken.

Another example is Twitter where you have to express everything in just 160 characters. If you post a link of 100 characters, you would not have much left to express. Hence, shortened URLs are used.

A shortened URL is basically a forwarding URL which forwards the short link to its actual web address, hence all SEO work done of the actual web site remains unaffected.

In our past years of business, we have gather several feathers for our cap and today I feel proud once again in launching Pakistan’s first and very own URL shortening service – so whenever you need to shorten URLs, remember

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 6.42.48 pm

Although the service is Pakistan’s first of its kind, but is open to the entire world to use.

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