A Custom Website Design – Decision Gone Wrong

A Custom Website Design – Decision Gone Wrong

A simple custom website design with a slider, 5 – 10 pages, landing page development, and an inquiry form. How much would it cost and how much time would be required? This is what my friend “Jack” asked the CEO of a so called professional web development company. The answer was encouraging and quite reassuring, he said that developing such low cost website design was no issue for them and that they had probably developed hundreds of such websites.

This conversation took place in the office of a local professional web development company which was referred to Jack by a friend of his. The cost of the custom website development , supposedly a low cost web design was agreed at 500$ all inclusive, to be developed in around ten days. Here I must add the reason for urgency of this project. Jack has been in the textile trading and indenting business for quite some time. He never really felt the need of a website as he had some good business coming in through his regular / loyal customers. It was only that he had to attend this textile trade fair in Dubai in about three weeks time and having business cards and other business promotion material without a website address did not seem a good idea. So basically he just needed a low cost website design developed before he went to Dubai.

Anyways to cut it short, the first three days passed without much action. On the fourth day the professional web development company sent over some custom website design mock ups of which the approved one still needed some adjustments. Meanwhile Jack had delivered the content text and images for the website. The fifth and sixth day were a weekend, on the seventh day the company called in to inform that their developer had some emergency and the project could be delayed a little bit. By the end of the committed ten days timeline there was no trace of Jack’s website. After this the professional web development company went into a complete radio silence. They would not answer Jack’s calls or emails and on visiting their office Jack came to know that the company had moved its office to some unknown destination. This news was enough to really upset Jack as less than a week’s time was left in Jack’s departure to Dubai.

In the end Jack had to leave for Dubai without a website, which actually reflected bad on Jack’s company profile.

Moral: Do not hire any professional web development services without a written contract. Don’t just trust hearsay until you have done a bit of research yourself and are satisfied about the professional competence of a service provider. When you need a website developed urgently never go for a custom website design development rather chose the option of ready to use professional website templates. This would save you both time and money.