5 tips for choosing great domain names

5 tips for choosing great domain names


1. Keep it short

Many visitors will arrive at your site by typing your web address therefore keep it short so that people can remember it and there is least possibility of any typo errors.

2. Be simple and clear

Your domain should be easy to remember and easy to spell.

3. Avoid numbers and hyphens

If possible, your domain should not have numbers and hyphens to avoid confusing it with other similar domains without numbers and hyphens, which may lead to loss in traffic.

4. Think keywords

If your required domain is not available, try adding a keyword to it.

5. Buy singular and plural versions

Sometimes we buy domains which are singular or plural in word. Since domains are no more expensive now, try buying the same domain in singular and plural versions. As an example, if you want a domain like www.happydomains.com, also buy www.happydomain.com. One with the letter ‘s’ at the end and the other without it and point one of them to the other. Do not physically host the same site on two or more domains, this will lead to Duplicate Content Penalty by search engines.

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