CEO Wanted – Job Description: QC and Customer Service

CEO Wanted – Job Description: QC and Customer Service

Today, the world has become too professional and so have the job descriptions. Earlier, you might have come across a “CEO Wanted” ad in the newspaper with job description to manage the company at corporate level and make critical financial decisions. However today, do not be surprised if you see the same ad with somewhat changed job description such as to look after the quality control and customer service.

Briefcase-iconWhy is it so? If we look deeply, quality of products and customer satisfaction can be considered as the backbone of the company. Your marketing team may be able to sell your products once, but guaranteed profits in almost every business come from repeat orders. If the product quality is not good and customers are not satisfied with the services provided, the business will never achieve the desired results.

Whether the CEO is a paid employee or the founder of the company, the eventual objective is to lead the company from the top and to the top. Quality Control and Customer Support are two main sectors directly linked to customer satisfaction. If the customers are satisfied, no one can stop them from being loyal to your brand.

In a corporate environment, usually the good things travel up to the top and the complaints retained at lower levels. However, companies where CEOs are make sure that what is going out is the best quality and consider customer satisfaction as top priority are the companies that are actually leading from the top.

With effective communication systems designed to get regular feedback from the customers, simple customer responses can save a huge amount usually involved in doing market research. A properly collected customer’s feedback can easily tell about the quality of the product, acceptability of the product’s price, who are the competitors and what they are offering at what price – hence leading to better understanding of the market.

In addition, feedback is also important in improvement of product quality, adding new features to it and continuous innovation. However, this can only be achieved when the true picture from customers reaches the top, which usually does not because it involves carelessness from a chain of people.

CEO is also considered to be the most loyal person to the company as he/she most of the times is the founder or a descendant of the founder and can feel the real pain when things are going wrong. This pain cannot be felt by anyone else.

Summing all up, the CEOs directly involved in Quality Control make sure that best quality products leave for the market making it a lot easier for the first time buyers. When they are also looking at the Customer Services and Satisfaction, they make sure that the repeat buyers stay happy.

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Email Scheduling for Most Effective Communication

Email Scheduling for Most Effective Communication

Email today has become the most frequently used communication tool. It has several benefits over any other means of communication and if used properly it can be much more effective than any other medium. Most of us do not know this, but an email sent timely can be far more effective than the one sent randomly. Usually we write emails at our convenience and we do likewise while replying them. However, prioritizing our convenience may cause us to lose the effectiveness of our communication. The Ideal situation would be to write an email at our convenience yet time its delivery so that it lands in the recipient’s inbox during his or her working hours.

Clock-iconLet me explain how. If you reside in America and you want information about payment status of your buyer in Asia. You send out an email in your office hours in the morning, which would be night in Asia. By the time your buyer comes to office, you would be asleep and he would be going through a ton of emails with your email buried somewhere at the bottom of the pile. There is a chance that the buyer may miss to respond to your email altogether or may respond to it late because your mail may have gotten lost in the pile or lying at the bottom of the pile.

Even if the buyer has already read your email on his mobile the moment you sent it, he might not be able to respond to you immediately as he may need to get an update from his accounts department. When he comes to his office, again there is a fair chance of missing an already read email. Therefore, the best practice here is to schedule an email. Generally, emails received and responded during office hours are considered most effective.

Now the question arises, how to schedule an email? Whether you are using Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Gmail or even BlackBerry, most of these email tools have a way to schedule the sending of emails by a default feature or by an add-on.

An email scheduler allows you to send an email at a specified time, after a few hours or even repeat the sending if required. Scheduling an email makes it possible for you to send emails at your convenience while making sure they hit the recipient’s inbox when he / she can best respond to them.

The best part about email scheduling is that you can not only schedule  sending new mails but also schedule when to respond to the ones received.

The links below show you how to schedule emails for different email applications.

How to Schedule an Email in Microsoft Outlook
The link be shows how to schedule an email in Microsoft Outlook

How to Schedule an Email in Mozilla Thunderbird
There is an add-on in Mozilla knows an Send Later, that allows you to schedule emails.

How to Schedule an Email in Gmail
A third party Google Chrome plugin called Gmail Boomerang does this for Gmail

How to Schedule an Email in BlackBerry One app for BlackBerry that does this is known as Email Scheduler and is available at the link below

How to Schedule an Email in Android
Message and Email Scheduler for Android does this for Android phones.


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A Custom Website Design – Decision Gone Wrong

A Custom Website Design – Decision Gone Wrong

A simple custom website design with a slider, 5 – 10 pages, landing page development, and an inquiry form. How much would it cost and how much time would be required? This is what my friend “Jack” asked the CEO of a so called professional web development company. The answer was encouraging and quite reassuring, he said that developing such low cost website design was no issue for them and that they had probably developed hundreds of such websites.

This conversation took place in the office of a local professional web development company which was referred to Jack by a friend of his. The cost of the custom website development , supposedly a low cost web design was agreed at 500$ all inclusive, to be developed in around ten days. Here I must add the reason for urgency of this project. Jack has been in the textile trading and indenting business for quite some time. He never really felt the need of a website as he had some good business coming in through his regular / loyal customers. It was only that he had to attend this textile trade fair in Dubai in about three weeks time and having business cards and other business promotion material without a website address did not seem a good idea. So basically he just needed a low cost website design developed before he went to Dubai.

Anyways to cut it short, the first three days passed without much action. On the fourth day the professional web development company sent over some custom website design mock ups of which the approved one still needed some adjustments. Meanwhile Jack had delivered the content text and images for the website. The fifth and sixth day were a weekend, on the seventh day the company called in to inform that their developer had some emergency and the project could be delayed a little bit. By the end of the committed ten days timeline there was no trace of Jack’s website. After this the professional web development company went into a complete radio silence. They would not answer Jack’s calls or emails and on visiting their office Jack came to know that the company had moved its office to some unknown destination. This news was enough to really upset Jack as less than a week’s time was left in Jack’s departure to Dubai.

In the end Jack had to leave for Dubai without a website, which actually reflected bad on Jack’s company profile.

Moral: Do not hire any professional web development services without a written contract. Don’t just trust hearsay until you have done a bit of research yourself and are satisfied about the professional competence of a service provider. When you need a website developed urgently never go for a custom website design development rather chose the option of ready to use professional website templates. This would save you both time and money.


What is an Exit Interview

What is an Exit Interview

Generally exit interviews are deemed to be associated with business corporations and other business entities, conducted by an employer just before an employee is about to leave the organization. However, other organizations such as societies, clubs and schools are also known to engage the leaving members / students in an exit interview.

An exit interview is aimed at finding the underlying reasons of an individual behind his / her decision of leaving an organization. The organizational motive behind conducting such interviews is basically to analyze the data collected through exit interviews. The analysis gives the top management an insight into putting a check on the employee turnover ratio and also if any changes need to be made in the company policies for effective employee retention.

Exit interviews usually comprise of a questionnaire designed to extract the following information and is generally conducted a week or two before an employee’s departure.

  • Reasons for leaving
  • Joining with company or competitor
  • Comments on their experience during their tenure of service
  • Highlight organizational areas which need improvement
  • Suggestions for improvement

Given the sensitive nature of comments and disclosures revealed in exit interviews it is suggested that every precaution be taken for non disclosure of this information.

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Why Exit Interview is Important

Why Exit Interview is Important

Exit interview is an interview that is conducted with an employee who is leaving an organization. The basic motive behind an exit interview is to find and analyze the reasons behind why the employee decided to leave. It is not a newly practiced phenomenon, it was just ignored a bit in the past. The main reasons being the partly shaded and subdued outcome of the interviews and the time involved. However, recent studies show that the trend of exit interviews is catching on in the corporate sector. Following are few benefits of exit interviews which would help you understand their importance.

Understanding the Reasons

The first and foremost benefit of an exit interview is understanding the key elements which cause an employee to switch his or her job. These can be subdivided into

  • Main Reason
  • Other Reasons

This is important for any organization as considerable time and effort go into finding the right person for the job in the first place. The training phase after hiring an employee also takes up considerable time and resources. Finally, when an employee is well settled in the work environment and pace of an organization he or she becomes an integral part of the aggregate work produce. An employee doing a job well and blended well in the organizational culture becomes an indispensable organizational asset. Loosing such an employee can be a setback for any organization. Exit interviews are the best way of understanding the reasons of employees leaving an organization and thereafter taking appropriate measures to better employee retention.

Constructive Criticism

Corporations open to constructive criticism find exit interviews a great source of finding and highlighting system flaws. Since an employee about to leave is somewhat liberated in giving voice to his or her concerns regarding the work environment or highlighting any gray areas, it is a good way of extracting information and views which otherwise on job employees would less likely come forward with.

Knowledge Transfer

Employees who are well settled in their jobs over considerable time develop and hold value-able knowledge which would be of great value if passed on to a successor. Exit interviews can help organizations achieve this objective. However, it all depends on the atmosphere of the exit interviews, in general the tone of exit interviews should be caring and friendly. Most employees would be happy in sharing their experience and knowledge if politely asked by the management.

A Chance To Retain a Leaving Employee

The time lapse between an employee’s resignation and and actual leaving may extent from a couple of weeks to a couple of months. Properly designed exit interviews and exit process can make good use of this time and test how strongly an employee feels towards leaving. Sometimes a little probing may lead to coaxing a leaving employ to stay on by making slight adjustments to his or her areas of concern.

Competitor Analysis

Exit interviews are a good source of finding which way your leaving employees are headed. Presumptively, employees well settled in their careers develop expertise in a particular field and most probably most of the times you are loosing your employees to a direct competitor. Exit interviews give you an insight not only into identifying your competitors who are hiring your seasoned employees, but also to find out what they are offering which you are not.

Exit interviews should be designed and conducted in a cordial and friendly manner and the exit process should follow the same pattern. Exit interviews are meant to be a pleasant and gaining experience both for the leavers and the conductors. It should be taken as an opportunity to end things at a pleasant note, and shaking hands with leavers as friends.